What is the Gearbox?

Gearbox will be a unique space for members to showcase their innovative ideas, as well as share skills while providing a platform for capacity building in line with the integration of hardware skills with the vast software expertise available.


Gearbox is geared towards bringing about a shift in the way techies work by nurturing a community of members working on projects in computer technology, industrial art, robotics and electronics.

It will serve a pivotal role in incubating and accelerating innovations its members so as to build the capacity of electronic manufacturing in Kenya through collaboration on projects in a wide range of scales.


"What happens when you merge Kenya’s decades-old Jua Kali skills with our vibrant five-year old software community?"
Erik Hersman


Our members will have access to both design software tools as well as rapid prototyping equipment such as 3D printers, 3D scanners, laser cutters, industrial sewing machines and vinyl cutters. Human-centered design and product design will feature prominently in both the skills attained as well as in developing prototypes of products that best reflect the users’ needs.



Whether you’re making a robotics arm, solar-tracker or automatic ugali cooker, we have the right set of equipment for you to work on in taking your innovative idea from conception, through design into several iterations until you get to the final working prototype. Rapid prototyping and product testing remain at the core of what we do.



The makerspace will provide hardware tech enthusiasts with equipment for basic electronics fabrication and testing. The in-house Gearbox Shack, an electronics store, will be a fantastic avenue makers to both purchase hard-to-find electronics as well as sell their small-scale products for with potential to scale up.



Rapid prototyping, taking it from concept to prototype in preparation for prototyping to product. Capacity building and training programs for members on the use of different tools and machinery that will be available. In-house product designer experts will be available to assist in and provide prototyping services to the public.


Arts & Crafts

The tools and equipment in the makerspace will be ideal for artists looking to improve the finish of their products. What’s even more exciting is the possibility of merging arts & crafts in developing interactive electronics-based products.